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Community Spotlight: Father's Who Care

Our August Community Spotlight features Fathers Who Care

Founded in 1996 by Reverend Walter Jones, Fathers Who Care was created as a place to advocate on behalf of fathers in the areas of responsible fatherhood involvement, healthy relationships, father's rights, re-entry opportunities, men's health and men’s wellness. This organization wanted to change the way African American men are portrayed as fathers and remove the stigma and images media commonly perpetuate. Through advocacy, community partnerships, men’s health expos, and support groups, this movement was able to build an organization that demonstrated the importance of fathers to family structure and spurred social change around responsible fatherhood and men’s health for the Westside Community. Fathers Who Care looks at the whole person, providing members with opportunities for comradery, connection, and mentorship.

Over the past twenty-five years, the mission of the organization has continued to transform by connecting with youth in the community. Fathers Who Care has a strong leadership development program in the West Garfield Park Youth Council. Here, youth from the community plan activities and events addressing the key needs and concerns facing their peers such as underage drinking, substance use, and violence. Fathers Who Care has created a space for kids to maximize their options in life, challenging both youth and adults to transform their world.

Reverend Jones has always found the work to be rewarding. He has a love for the people and is committed to their power to be agents of social change. When asked what he wants people to know about Fathers Who Care, he leans into his passion. “If we are really going to bring about real change, we have to bring folks together. If we really came together to pool resources and properly empower young people, we could create really powerful change in the community. Rally around someone and build them up—teamwork can make the dream work!”

If you would like more information on Fathers Who Care, how you can get involved, or to make a donation, please go to You can also call 773-287-5821 or email