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Loretto Hospital and the Loretto Hospital Foundation presents its 2 nd Annual Summer Screening Series event. Click Here to Listen


Loretto Hospital will host a blood drive as part of its Summer Screening Series on Friday, July 28, 2023. The blood drive is an effort to combat a shortage of blood supply in the African American community. For more ...

Staff Spotlight: Robin Jones

Robin Jones is the Clinical Coordinator in the Lab here at The Loretto Hospital. Her role is to process the pathology reports for the medical staff, oversee Point of Care, prepare specimens to be outsourced to ...

Medical Minutes: Flu Season

Listen as Afya Kahn, infection control practitioner, talks about keeping safe during this flu season! Your browser does not support the audio element.

Medical Minutes: Domestic Violence Awareness

Ben Leven, LCSW, discuss domestic violence awareness and prevention on 95.1 Omni Channel: Your browser does not support the audio element.

Staff Spotlight: Kevin Baker

Kevin Baker is a nurse in the Emergency Department at The Loretto Hospital. He has worked here in the Emergency Department for 3 years. He originally started as a technician and then went on to become a nurse. ...

Medical Minutes: Expressive Therapy

James Bulosan is the Lead Expressive Therapist at Loretto Hospital and discusses emotional wellness through expressive therapy. Your browser does not support the audio element.

Community Spotlight: Father's Who Care

Our August Community Spotlight features Fathers Who Care Founded in 1996 by Reverend Walter Jones, Fathers Who Care was created as a place to advocate on behalf of fathers in the areas of responsible fatherhood ...

Medical Minutes: Mental Wellness

Clinical Therapist Kimberly Quince discusses mental wellness:

Inside Loretto: Expressive Therapy at Loretto Hospital

In our new monthly series, Esther Hermiz and Annie Chang give you an inside look at our Expressive Therapy Department.