Clinical Rotations in Chicago

What are clinical rotations and why they’re necessary?

For aspiring doctors, the last two years are comprised of clinical rotations. During clinical rotations, medical students spend time as part of a medical team diagnosing and treating patients. No matter how much time you spend in the classroom there’s no comparison for real-world hands-on experience. For most students, clinical rotations are the first time students are able to interact with patients. Understanding and experiencing the human element through interactions with real patients and their afflictions is crucial to the development of future medical professionals.

What are the benefits of completing your clinical rotations at Loretto?

Loretto’s clinical rotations in Chicago produces new graduates each year. Students experience a wide variety of specialties under the guidance of seasoned residents and attending physicians. Each day students will interact with patients and be faced with difficult real-world situations. Clinical Rotations are a great way to gain experience but can also function as informal interviews for future doctors. Each day spent in clinical rotations allows medical personnel to vet potential candidates for positions at Loretto or other practices and hospitals. Have questions about Loretto’s clinical rotation program? Reach out to Dr. Anosh Ahmed at (773) 854-4605.