Critical Care

Comprehensive Intensive Care for the Greater West Side of Chicago

Loretto Hospital’s Critical Care Unit (CCU) is a newly remodeled, 12-bed specialty care unit for patients with life-threatening injuries and illnesses. The CCU is equipped with state-of-the-art medical technology that provides 24/7 monitoring of patients’ vital signs. A team of specially trained physicians and certified critical care nurses provide the highest level of individualized care and treatment. They remain ready to act at a moment’s notice if a patient’s condition changes unexpectedly.

What it Means to Be in Critical Care

The CCU is for patients who require close, constant, and comprehensive intensive care. Space in this unit is reserved for patients with life-threatening conditions who may need immediate medical attention at any time. A patient is usually admitted the CCU if they are recovering from intensive surgery, having trouble breathing, were involved in a serious injury, or have a dangerous infection.

Having a loved one in the CCU can be frightening, but you should remember that being in this unit means they will be surrounded by medical professionals at all times. The CCU staff is always mentally prepared to handle an emergency and provide patients with the intensive care they need.


Cardiac telemetry is an automated process that monitors heart function. Our telemetry staff serves adult patients requiring continuous heart monitoring in addition to general medical care. Telemetry is available in both the medical/surgery and critical care units.