Loretto Hospital Medical & Surgical Services

Inpatient Healthcare in the Austin Community in Chicago

The 63-bed inpatient medical/surgery unit of Loretto Hospital provides ongoing general medical and surgical care during each patient’s stay at the hospital. Our nurses and doctors work closely with other allied health professionals including physical therapists, respiratory therapists, dietitians, and social workers to develop a plan of care that is appropriate for each patient’s individual needs.

Nurses and doctor at the nurses station

Coordinated Care Team

While staying at Loretto Hospital as an inpatient, you will be assigned a physician as your main point of contact. A hospitalist serves as your primary care physician while staying at our facility. They will maintain contact with your regular primary care provider so that he or she can stay up-to-date on your current state of health.

A hospitalist’s duties include:

  • Ordering tests
  • Consulting with medical specialists
  • Recommending transport to different hospital units
  • Referring patients to medical services
  • Prescribing medication
  • Monitoring a patient’s condition and response to treatment

Working with a hospitalist ensures that no matter how many specialists you need to see or how often you are transferred to a different department there is always one medical professional who remains involved in your treatment and knows about all the treatment you’ve received during your stay.

Surgical Care

When it is determined that surgery is the best course of action for treatment, you can trust that Loretto Hospital team will do everything in our power to ensure you or your loved one will be safe and made as comfortable as possible. We recognize that not many people are eager to jump into surgery, and take great effort to recommend only the least invasive, most effective operations currently known to medical science. Our staff will be sure to address all concerns or questions you may have so that you can be fully prepared.

After your surgery, you can take participate in our physical therapy programs to minimize your recovery time. With proper preparation, conservative procedures, and customized rehabilitation programs, we make sure our patients have access to every surgical advantage available.