Inpatient Mental Health

Loretto Hospital offers inpatient substance use treatment, including medical stabilization and residential rehabilitation. Click below to learn more about our comprehensive substance use treatment program:

Substance Use

Our inpatient mental health program provides beneficial and respectful mental health treatment to adults with serious psychiatric conditions whose current needs cannot be met in a traditional health care facility.

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Behavioral Health Services Staff‚Äč

Inpatient Care Units

Our inpatient psychiatric care units are supported by an array of treatment programs. We conduct assessments of each patient prior to admission, and work closely with the staff to align patients with doctors that specialize in the necessary areas of expertise. Once patients are admitted, we offer them 24-hour care and treatment in a secure environment.

Inpatient Psychiatric Admission

Our psychiatric admission procedures are simple and efficient. We offer direct admission under your doctor of choice, or assign the patient to a physician. Individuals who are admitted to the psychiatric care unit will also have access to other health care services offered by The Loretto Hospital.

Referrals to the adult psychiatric unit can be made by the patient, family members, physicians, counselors, social service agencies, employers, ministers, teachers, or as a result of a crisis intervention.