Medical Education in Chicago

Welcome to the Medical Education Department at Loretto Hospital. Medical education is an integral part of our mission as an institution of learning for medical students who are seeking clinical rotations and externship program. We offer an in-depth clinical experience in primary care and introduction to various medical specialties.

The Loretto Hospital also has a Podiatry Residency Program.

To learn more about The Loretto Hospital’s Clinical Rotations and Externships Program, please contact:

Dena Besumi, MD
Designated Institutional Official (DIO)

Psychiatry Residency Program

Loretto Hospital

645 S Central Ave

Chicago, IL, 60644

Ph: 773-854-4179

Fax: 773-887-8143

LaWanda Peterson
Coordinating Manager
Medical Education Department
Loretto Hospital
645 South Central Ave., 6th Floor
Chicago, IL 60644
773-887-8149 (Office)
708-876-8800 (Fax)

Sebghat Wardak

Education Coordinator

Medical Education Department

773-854-4179 (Office)

773-887-8143 (Fax)