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TLH Supports National Minority Donor Awareness Month

Organ and tissue donation is a selfless gift that offers life and hope to those in need and to their loved ones. During these challenging times, when hope seems hard to come by for many, we believe it’s critical to add our voice and support to missions that help create meaningful change.

That is why during the month of August, which is National Minority Donor Awareness Month, we are partnering with Gift of Hope to help expand awareness about the benefits of donation.

Gift of Hope’s donation service area includes multiculturally rich communities that generously

offer hope to others through the gift of donation. During NMDA month, we are committed to help inspire and empower minority groups to become registered donors and to authorize donation on a loved one’s behalf. We also recognize minority organ and tissue donors, their families, minority transplant recipients and the healthcare professionals who enable the gift of hope through donation and transplantation.

Our contribution to Gift of Hope and our multicultural community during NMDA month, is to display facts, information and stories on organ and tissue donation on our digital screens located in waiting areas throughout the hospital.

Join us in support of this lifesaving cause by becoming a registered donor, sharing your decision to offer the gift of donation with your family, and authorizing donation on behalf of loved ones.

Registering to offer the gift of hope is easy, simply text COMMIT to 51555. Share this information with friends and family and start the donation conversation today.