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Staff Spotlight: Kevin Baker

Kevin Baker is a nurse in the Emergency Department at The Loretto Hospital. He has worked here in the Emergency Department for 3 years. He originally started as a technician and then went on to become a nurse.

Originally from Florida, Kevin moved to Chicago 14 years ago and hasn’t looked back. He made the shift to health care and that started him down a path to satisfaction and achievement. When asked why he got into health care, Kevin says, “I wanted to escape working in an office, which felt boring and repetitive.”

Kevin is grateful to have the privilege to study a subject for which he has so much passion and the ability to create a career out of something that gives him so much fulfillment. When asked what made him who he is today, he says simply, “good parents and good friends”. Kevin feels his greatest accomplishment in life is becoming a nurse. He is motivated the most by making sure the people around him are happy.

After a long day, he likes to use the time on the bus to reflect and put things into perspective. Working at The Loretto Hospital has allowed him to manifest his professional ambitions. He most enjoys being able to work with the other staff at Loretto Hospital, citing them as the ones that make it all worth it.