Community Mental Health

Behavioral Health Services Staff


The Outpatient Mental Health Services of Loretto Hospital have been serving the needs of the Austin Community since 1960. The mission of the program is to provide comprehensive behavioral health services in order to enhance self-esteem and the level of functioning of persons with mental illness. In order to achieve this goal, we provide treatment that attempt to rely upon the strengths of the individual as well as focus on his/her needs. We collaborate with the health care team seeking to offer a sense of well-being, awareness of emotional support systems, and community resources.


Outpatient Mental Health Service provides treatment interventions to persons who experience mild, moderate and severe mental illness.

We have highly skilled Clinical Therapists, Clinical Specialists, and an Advanced Nurse practitioner.

Services include medication management, individual and group therapy.

We provide co-occurring treatment for persons experiencing difficulty with psychiatric disorders and substance abuse.

We have after care services for patients who have been discharged from state operated facilities and hospitals.

We provide telehealth visits.

Our Team provides limited case management to assist with housing, finances and medical care, as an organization we coordinate with other agencies/providers in the community.

Our programs are covered by most insurances including Medicaid and Medicare.

We service individuals 18 years of age and older.

We are located at 5120 W. Jackson Blvd. Chicago, Il 60644 Phone #773-854-5072.

Our office hours are Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm