Community Mental Health

When dealing with mental health conditions, each patient requires a treatment program designed to put them on a lifelong path to mental, emotional, and physical well being outside of help on an inpatient basis.

Behavioral Health Services Staff

Our team of psychiatrists, social workers, counselors and case manager’s work together to devise an effective treatment plan for those patients who are seen on an outpatient basis, or who may require 24-hour care and treatment in a safe, secure environment.

Referrals to the adult behavioral health unit can be made by the patient, family members, physicians, counselors, social service agencies, employers, ministers, teachers, or as a result of a crisis intervention. Our programs are fully accredited and covered by most insurance programs including Medicaid and Medicare.

For more information about our Community Mental Health Services call us at (773) 854-5290 anytime between Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.