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THE BENEFITS OF PRIMARY CARE: Improving Health Outcomes

Your first line of defense to ensure a healthy lifestyle is to have your own primary care physician. The primary care physician plays an important role in a person’s management of overall health and is typically a specialist in family medicine, internal medicine or pediatrics. "Using a primary care physician on a regular basis is associated with living longer,” says Dr. Nikhila Juvvadi, an internal medicine physician and chief clinical officer at The Loretto Hospital. “The collaboration between physician and patient is associated with better quality of life and better health outcomes. The physician is your partner in navigating through “Preventive Care” and the difficulties of any new health problems. This can lead to lesser incidence of cancer, heart disease, diabetes or stroke.”

The benefits of having a primary care physician include:

Continuity of Care. When you have a primary care physician, he or she is responsible for providing a patient’s comprehensive care. Routine checkups with the same doctor will build a relationship that is beneficial to the patient.

Prevention. The more a doctor is aware of your overall health, the more likely they will be able to identify health problems before they happen.

Time Savings. When a patient has an established relationship with a primary care doctor, issues that come up in between annual checkups can often be addressed quickly.

Medication Management. Oftentimes, different medications are prescribed by different doctors and there’s always a chance of side effects when the drugs interact with each other. A primary care physician can serve as a monitor by keeping track of all medications a patient takes.

At The Loretto Hospital’s Outpatient Center, you will receive a comprehensive wellness exam that will include gathering your health history, collecting complete lab work, and ordering the appropriate screenings.

Based on the outcomes of your wellness exam, you will be referred to the appropriate in-house specialists to continue your individualized care.

The Loretto Hospital offers many in-house specialty care programs, including:



As a patient, you will also have access to a number of ancillary services, including:

Community Health
Diabetes Education

Medical Legal Advice
Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation

Mental wellness is also a component of primary care management. The Loretto Hospital also offers mental wellness services to patients on an outpatient basis upon the recommendation of the primary care physician.

Our team of psychiatrists, social workers, counselors and case managers work in concert to devise an equally effective treatment plan for those patients who do not require in-patient treatment but can benefit from active participation in a therapeutic environment. Services are available to adults 18 years-of-age and older and are confidential.

Our outpatient services include psychiatric evaluation, individual, family and group therapy. In addition, our comprehensive case management services provide assistance with finances, housing, medical care, and referrals to other community providers, co-occurring disorder services, and medication monitoring and administration.

Our programs are fully accredited and covered by Medicaid and Medicare. For more information about our outpatient behavioral health services, call the Outpatient Mental Health Center at (773) 854-5072 and click here for more information: