Antonio Rodriguez

I have told my kids this story for years, I thought I would share it. It was told to me by my dad, he could tell a great story. He repeated it so many times, I believe it is mostly true. On the day I was born at Loretto Hospital, November 4, 1958, my dad was at his factory job. He was reached there by someone and told my mom had gone into labor. He jumped in his car and drove quickly to Loretto. Too quickly. At the intersection of I believe Homan and Garfield, he rammed into the back of a three wheel mortorcycle Chicago cop. He didn't hit him very hard, but hard enough to knock the cop into the street. The cop got up and came to my dad's side window screaming. He asked him why he was driving so fast and at first didn't believe the "my wife is having a baby" story. He asked which hospital. My dad said Loretto. Still skeptical, he asked for the name of the doctor. That sealed it. When my dad told him their doctor was Pat Vitullo, the cop calmed down. He told my dad to wait while he got back on his motorcycle and then he'd lead him to Loretto, siren blaring, lights flashing. My dad got to Loretto well before I was born due to his police escort. Dr. Pat Vitullo was not only my mom's doctor, he was also the chief surgeon for the Chicago police department. Thanks for taking such good care of my family back in the early days.