Former Nurse

Former N.

“When you see staff like Loretto’s ER department, it sets the tone for your whole visit and recovery,” the patient said.

The patient is a resident of Little Village Chicago and former nurse in the labor and delivery unit at Loretto from 1978 - 1989. She was rushed to the Kimberly A. Lightford Emergency Department in April for a broken wrist, elbow and shoulder she sustained from a terrible fall.

“I was in a lot of pain. But the ER greeter [Alberta Mitchell] makes people feel so calm. And even though the wait may be little long like every hospital, she really puts patients at ease,” she said.

Although she is still recovering, the patient is now receiving physical therapy three days a week, also at Loretto Hospital. In addition, she is a patient of Doctors Spiros Stamelos, E. Gaddam and Dheeraj Mahajan.

According to the patient, overall her care at Loretto has been exceptional, including in physical therapy; but, she views ER as a class act.

“I love the staff here. But ER really stands out...they are excellent,” she said.

Thank you ER, Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation, and all the staff who extended impeccable care!