Tammy Nimon

I am writing this to share my experience at your hospital in the behavioral health ward from 3/18 to 3/23! These wer the WORST days of my life! My rights and dignity were violated in so many ways! The staff was horrible in everyway! I was NOT treated as a patient but a lesser individual. The rooms were like prison cells, with a bed, a sink, and a toliet. The window was covered in screen and did not open so there was no sunlight or fresh air. I get it is for safety but I was a prisoner in a hell without even a little sunlight, which, by the way, is horrible for patients with mental illness. The toilets leaked in every room and one room I was in they completely overflowed and the shower was full of mold. Which didn't really matter because the showers were ICE COLD and had to be pumped like 20 times in order to get a brief rain of cold water and had to be done multiple times. I was sexually harrassed by one of my roommates.and my life was physically threatened. My food was taken from me multiple times by ladies much bigger and crazier than me. Peole are sent to these places for rehabillitation and there was absolutely NO therapy to speak of. Patients paced the hallway there was nothing else to do. So it is basically a prison for the mentally ill. I NEVER saw an an actual psychiatrist. Med students were the only people to come in and evaluate us. When I asked to see my doctor (Dr.Ranganathan) I was told he only comes in if requested so I requested him and to this day I never met the man. It is no wonder my medical records were almost completely fabricated in order to keep me in your hell longer. Medications were prescribed and not administered. Mental health is normally divided according to severity. Being Bipolar 2 I suffer from primarily depression an a bit of anxiety. Many patients were WAY more severe than me and many times I feared for my life. This treatment was UNACCEPTABLE in every way! I will never return to this horrible place as I will never seek help for my mental illness in a hospital setting again! That in itself is really sad. I hope your "REAL" patients receive better care then I recieved during my stay in your prison!!!