A Message from Our President and CEO

George N. MillerThank you for visiting The Loretto Hospital’s website. I am George N. Miller, Jr. the new President and Chief Executive Officer for The Loretto Hospital. First and foremost, I want to express my humbled gratitude to the Loretto Hospital Board of Trustees for providing me with this incredible opportunity to serve the residents in Austin and the surrounding communities.

I am also honored to join such a devoted and highly-qualified team of doctors, clinicians, administrators and staff to help promote our mission to provide the highest quality of patient-centered care, while promoting wellness and education, to the communities we serve. This mission truly speaks volumes of the type of people at Loretto who are advocating on behalf of its patients and this great community. For that reason alone, I am so happy to join the cause.

Speaking of the word advocacy, it is a powerful word. Advocates drives change, promote improvement, and fight for equality. As an advocate for this community and for our patients, my goal is to utilize the strength embedded within the walls of the hospital and the rich, strong history of the people in Austin to improve the overall health care landscape in the community. I am a huge proponent of partnering with the people that I serve – and that’s what we plan to do.

At The Loretto Hospital, we understand the health challenges in the community. Every health care program and service that we implement, is literally to help build healthy communities on the Greater West Side of Chicago. As the newest member of The Loretto Hospital family, my personal commitment to you is to care for you and those you love. I am committed to ensuring that every individual who walks through our doors is greeted with a smile, and treated with compassion, dignity and respect while we deliver the highest quality of individualized care.

If at any time we fall short and do not live up to our mission, please call me at (312) 519-1341.

Again, I am deeply honored and grateful for the privilege to serve as the CEO of The Loretto Hospital. I know we have a lot of challenges ahead, but challenges are good. They open new doors, bring fresh new ideas, and bring opportunities for great things to happen.


George N. Miller, Jr. MHSA, FACHE
President and CEO